Trying to time the best day to sell a home isn’t easy.

Some sellers are forced to sell quickly due to a job relocation, for instance. Others don’t want to have to possibly wait months for the ideal selling season. They choose to list at a time convenient for them.

But in case you’re curious, a new study reveals the best days and months of the year to sell. If you’ve already listed or are about to, you may be in luck. That’s because the best days to sell are coming up soon.

It’s important to sell on a schedule that works best for you. But for what it’s worth, the best day to sell a home may be this spring or early summer. Examine your options. And consult with experts to best time the listing and sale of your property.

What the research found

new ATTOM Data Solutions report had some interesting findings:

The best day to sell a home is right around the corner. The five dates that offer the biggest seller premiums above market value are. They are

June 28 (10.8% seller premium)

May 31 (10.7%)

June 21 (10.7%)

June 20 (10.6%)

May 24 (10.5%)

The best months to sell your home are

June (9.2% seller premium)

May (7.4%)

July (7.3%)

April (6.4%)

March (6.1%)

August (5.8%)

February (5.6%)

September (4.7%)

November (4.0%)

January (3.7%)

October (3.3%)

December (3.3%)

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