Behind The Scenes with Sofi Tukker

This week on the Spout Podcast, host Erik Zachary welcomes in one of our favorite duos to watch: Sofi Tukker! We chat about life on the road when it comes to international touring and leave you with some pro tips for staying healthy while traveling. Sofi Tukker also gets into the creative behind their new music video for ‘Throw Some Ass’, in which Tukker gives a candid account of baring your butt on set—a very fun and memorable experience.

Things get really exciting as they share a snippet of their next single, ‘Hey Homie’, and talk about the many genres and moods that make up their album ‘BREAD’. Even during those challenges of dropping music in today’s landscape, Sofi Tukker knows it’s still important to remain curious and true to themselves. Plus, they reveal what it was like to work with Heidi Klum on set. Don’t miss this episode packed with insights and behind-the-scenes stories from Sofi Tukker!

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