Here are 5 easy ways to keep warm:

  • Try wearing the color yellow or surrounding yourself with yellow things, sunflowers, a yellow blanket – According to the book “Showing Our True Colors,” a shade like that reminds us of sunny, warm days and instantly makes you feel warmer.
  • Another tip: Whip up your favorite dish. Studies show that when you smell a food you really enjoy, your body temperature immediately rises.
  • Or eat some protein – roasted chicken or grilled fish will warm you up better than a cup of hot chocolate. Because the extra energy needed to digest protein can heat up the body for hours. So says Dr. Walter Bortz author of “Living Longer For Dummies”.
  • Another tip to stave off that autumn chill: Rearrange your furniture. Place high-backed chairs in front of windows instead of a sofa. They’re much better at blocking a draft.
  • Drink some ice water. Studies show that when you drink ice water your temperature actually rises. Because it takes extra energy from your body to heat the water enough to be absorbed into your system. So you’ll actually feel warmer and burn some calories to boot.