Andy King, the breakout star of Netflix’s documentary about the disastrous Fyre Festival, has opened up about becoming a viral sensation. During an interview for Fyre, the openly gay King revealed that the festival’s disgraced founder Billy McFarland asked him to offer oral sex to a customs officer to gain access to bottled water for festival goers.

King declared that he was “fully prepared” to do so. Viewers were quick to share clips from King’s interview on Twitter. “If you don’t have friends in your circle like #AndyKing, you don’t have the right circle,” one person wrote.

King, who doesn’t use social media, was shocked by the response. “I’m blown away with the response of the documentary. Completely blown away,” he declared in a clip shared by Netflix online. “I’m now a noun, a verb, an adjective. It’s mind-boggling.” He added, “I just don’t want to be necessarily known as the b****** king of the world!”