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6 Holiday Movie-Inspired Date Ideas That Are Extra Cute & Festive

These date ideas have been right in front of you all along, and now it’s time for you to star in your very own movie instead of watching one on TV. (But don’t forget to also throw in a few holiday movie nights as well, because there’s only so little time and so many movies to watch.)

1. Book An English Cottage Or Cool Apartment In LA To Channel ‘The Holiday’

Just like Amanda and Iris from The Holiday, maybe it’s your time to get away for a bit. You can rent a cute cottage like Amanda, or take a cue from Iris and stay in a cool space in LA. Explore the sites and enjoy either the snowy weather or sunny California vibes. Either way, your getaway will be all about you and your partner having a cozy, fun time together.

2. Share Dessert At Serendipity 3 To Channel ‘Serendipity’

Serendipity has a perfect date night setup in the beginning of the film. According to IMDB, when Johnathan and Sara first meet, they’re shopping at Bloomingdale’s. Then, they enjoy something sweet at Serendipity 3. For the ultimate date night, you and bae can do exactly that. Go Christmas shopping, grab some dessert, and then, hold each other’s hands while you go ice skating.

3. Exchange Your Fave Books At A Café To Channel ‘You’ve Got Mail’

If you and bae love to read, a cute Christmas gift idea could be sharing your favorite books with each other. It’ll be like you’re Kathleen Kelly and Joe Fox talking about Pride and Prejudice. Meet up at a cute café like Cafe Lalo in New York City to do the exchange. You can even add the red rose inside the book for a sweet nod to You’ve Got Mail.

4. Check Out The Christmas Decor In NYC To Channel ‘Elf’

When Buddy the Elf takes Jovie on their first date, he shows her the Christmas decor he likes in NYC. She does him one better, and shows him the tree in Rockefeller Center.

If you and bae haven’t checked out the best Christmas decor in your town, you might want to take a drive or stroll to see it all. You may even want to head into NYC for a very Elf-inspired date. Don’t forget to snap some selfies with the lights and trees in the background.

5. Create Your Own Hot Cocoa Recipe To Channel ‘The Santa Clause’

It took Judy the elf in The Santa Clause “1,200 years” to get her hot cocoa recipe just right. She likes it “not too hot. Extra chocolate. Shaken, not stirred.”

For a cute date night at home, you and your SO can try to come up with your very own hot cocoa recipe. Mix up all your favorite extras like marshmallows and cinnamon to find a delicious treat you love.

6. Get Nostalgic By Taking A Pic With Santa To Channel ‘Miracle On 34th Street’

Miracle on 34th Street is a classic Christmas movie that makes you believe in the magic of the season. You might even want to send out holiday cards to your friends and family this year. A nice pic with bae and Santa could be just the perfect photo.

Take a walk down Memory Lane and visit Santa at your local mall with bae, or set up your very own photo shoot. Take some super cute holiday pics in matching sweaters and Santa hats.

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