It turns out Twitter is full of questions from people who are genuinely curious about typical American foods and eating habits–and their biggest question is, why do Americans eat so many gross foods? Here are 10 examples (check out the full list at the link):
  1. Why do Americans eat bread with pasta?
  2. Thanksgiving meals look so weird. Why do Americans eat a roast with sweet potatoes and marshmallows?
  3. Do Americans really eat pizza with pineapples? Is this a thing?
  4. Why do Americans eat chips with sandwiches? I have never understood that.
  5. What is ranch and why do Americans eat it with everything?
  6. Why do Americans eat peanut butter with everything? Is it that good?
  7. I don’t know what a casserole is exactly, why do Americans eat this daily?
  8. Serious question: Why do Americans eat so much macaroni and cheese?
  9. Why do Americans eat tomato soup with their grilled cheese?
  10. Meatloaf looks so disgusting. How do Americans eat it?