1. Take Them To The Beach

This one seems like a given, but taking your baby and toddler to the beach actually has some really great benefits, especially when you bring along some toddler-friendly toys like the sand bucket/ice cream shop play set shown above. Fun at the beach allows your child to have some unstructured playtime in a new and interesting environment that they’ll just love to explore. Your little one can learn about their environment by interacting with their world, and develop their senses by exploring different textures, like sand and water. And they get to practice crawling, walking or running in the sand — a very different experience than moving on solid ground.

Of course, bring along the sunblock and umbrella to keep their skin out of the sun as much as possible. If your child is very small, try investing in a beach tent so they’re able to nap out of the sun. Staying in the shade is a small price to pay to watch your little one learn and have a blast at the beach.

2. Have A Picnic

Grab a big blanket, some snacks and your little one’s favorite toys and head to the park for a picnic. Your child can crawl around safely in the grass or if they’re older, you may have lots to talk about while you eat your lunch outside. There might be other kids their age around too, giving them the opportunity to practice those social skills and make new friends.

3. Have Some Quiet Time In A Hammock

There’s nothing more relaxing than resting in a hammock. (But be careful with this one if you have an infant, they could fall out if you fall asleep.) It’s always best to make sure your little one is napping safely. But if your child is old enough to relax with you in a hammock, why not lounge together for a mid-afternoon cuddle session? You can grab some of their favorite books or just lay together as you listen to some relaxing music.

4. Enjoy An Outdoor Movie

Lots of communities have kid-friendly outdoor movie events during the summer. Check out your county’s events calendar to see what movies are playing. Bring your picnic blanket and popcorn to make it an extra fun family movie watching experience. There will be tons of other kids there too, so no need to be bored while waiting for the movie to start.

5. Make Popsicles

Check out this yummy kid-friendly popsicle recipe. There are lots of ways to make popsicles, which older babies and toddlers love to snack on. If you’re child is old enough, let them help you prepare the treats. They’ll be so proud and it’ll make this sweet treat that much sweeter.

6. Dance To Some Outdoor Live Music

Summer time is all about the outdoor music. Check out the event calendar of your local town and see if there are any outdoor music events happening. Lots of parks feature bands that perform while spectators have the space to get up and dance. Your little one will love to get up and join in on the jams.

7. Explore Some Carnivals

Bring your little one out to some local carnivals or amusement parks for some kid-friendly rides and games. They’ll love all the lights and excitement, plus there are plenty of yummy treats to try.

8. Have An Outdoor Tea Party

If your little one loves hosting tea parties, why not take it outside? Grab all her “guests,” make some small sandwiches and take a blanket and for some outside fun. I’m pretty sure all tea parties are better outdoors.

9. Take Sensory Play Outside

You can get as messy as you want when you take sensory play outside. Sand, shaving cream, water or even pudding, your child will have a blast exploring their different textures and just making a mess.

10. Visit The Zoo Or Aquarium

If the weather is nice, you can visit the zoo to see all the exotic animals. The zoo is great for both babies and toddlers because it’s something they can really engage in — it’s exciting to see real animals, live and in person. The aquarium is also a great option and kids of all ages are excited and thrilled to see all kinds of exotic marine life.

11. Take Them To The Library

If you need a break from the heat, you can take them to the children’s section of your local library. They’re usually air conditioned and often have family events that are baby and toddler friendly like story time and music classes. Or you can simply let them wander around looking at books as they please. Bonus, you’ll start their love for reading early, which is always a good thing.

12. Head To Your Local Children’s Museums

If it’s a rainy day and you can’t get outside, don’t fret. There’s plenty of museums that offer children’s programming. Just a little research can lead to a full afternoon of fun.

13. Make Some Bubbles

Bubbles are a no-brainer for summertime fun, but sometimes little ones can get frustrated with the old-fashioned wand/bottle hook-up. Luckily, there are plenty of alternatives available now, like these super fun and easy-to-use bubble gloves.

14. Have Fun With Sidewalk Chalk

Older babies and toddlers will love to draw on the ground with sidewalk chalk. Grab a bin of sidewalk chalk with some fun colors and shapes and your little one will be entertained for hours. It’s the perfect art project too, because you don’t have to do any clean up — mom win.

15. Take Finger Painting Or Feet Paint Outside

Take some finger paints and some giant paper outside for a messy art project. Your young one can paint with their fingers, hands and feet with the paint while having fun exploring the texture and how it feels on different parts of their body. Help them paint the bottom of their feet and have them walk across the page, then show them their foot prints.

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