Being a mom on Valentine’s Day is the absolute best. No really — I mean it. It’s the best for so many reasons that have nothing to do with red roses and chocolate-covered strawberries — although, those are pretty great too. Turns out, celebrating the holiday dedicated to love with your kids, the true loves of your life, makes the day better than you thought possible. Basically, being a mom on Valentine’s Day is worth every crooked waffle cut into hearts.

I’m a single mom, which makes Valentine’s Day one of those holidays that reminds me that it’s just my child and me. I think all single parents can relate when I say, we really don’t need a holiday to remind us we’re on our own here. But while being a single mom on Valentine’s Day might seem like a drag, it’s actually the opposite. You get your very own little Valentine every year without having to include anyone else in on your fun, and all your love and attention can go to them. Bonus: you get to celebrate the way you two want. But whether you’re single, married, or in a partnership, there are plenty of things that make Valentine’s Day one of the best days of the year for moms.

1. You Get To Eat As Much Chocolate As You Want

I know, this one doesn’t actually include the kids but, c’mon. You’re the boss and you get to dictate how much chocolate everyone gets to eat — and for you that means all of it. Plus it goes on sale for 50 percent off on Feb. 15 and let’s be honest, that’s the best part of the holiday.

2. Making Valentine’s Day Cards With The Kids

Remember those tiny little paper cards you used to get in school? I used to love getting those as a kid, and now as an adult you get to relive that experience all over again. If you’re really into spreading the love, then you can help your kids make their own cards at home for their classmates, friends, or any other family members they may want to say, “be mine,” too.

3. Showing Your Kids What Love Is Really All About

As a parent, you get to teach your kids about tradition and values. Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to show your kids how kindness and thoughtfulness can really make someone feel special and loved — like taking all of those extra cards they made to a local nursing home or hospital. While you certainly don’t need a holiday to tell you that, it’s a great way to honor l’amour. I don’t think parenting gets much better than that, honestly.

4. Your Kids Bring Home Masterpieces

Not that you don’t already have enough “masterpieces” hanging on your fridge, but there’s something special about holiday artwork that comes home from school and makes you feel all the feels. Valentine’s Day just has the sweetest decor, right? There’s nothing better than the way your kid looks at you when they present you with their art project. Sigh. Plus you can always save them for next year’s decorations.

5. You Get To Make Your Kids Feel Special

Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to show your kids what it feels like when someone goes out of their way to make them feel special. Why not get them that toy they’ve been asking for, or write them a love letter or poem? Kids are as into being loved and appreciated as you are, so make it count. (Heart-shaped food items are always a win.)

7. There Are Tons Of Fun Craft Ideas

If you’re an arts and crafts lover, there are tons of kid friendly craft ideas you can tackle. From tissue paper flower bouquets to all kinds of creative heart-shaped artwork, pillows, and jewelry, Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to pull out the glue. (Unless they want to make slime again. Oy.)

8. You Get To Plan A Date Night With The Kids

Why not celebrate love by planning a fun family date night, like a night of bowling or dinner and a movie? There’s no better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than with some family bonding time, and this gives your kids the opportunity to think about what would be fun for all of you and help plan it. You may be surprised what they consider a date night, like going to the library and out for ice cream. Plus, having it in the middle of the week makes it extra special.

9. Heart-Shaped Recipes

Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to try out all those heart-shaped recipesyou’ve been watching on Instagram. If it doesn’t turn out as planned (because it almost never does), take comfort in knowing that everyone loves a good “expectation vs. reality” post.

10. Kid Breakfast In Bed

OK, so it’s basically like Mother’s Day, except the whole family is in on the deal. Is there anything better than a chipper kid in the morning proudly showing you the waffles they made? Have breakfast in bed as a family and soak up their sweet little voices while you drink your coffee. (Also maybe put Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on in the background so you can drink said coffee.)

11. Reminding Your Partner That It’s Valentine’s Day

Oh, hey. Did your partner forget to get you a card? Or are you just tired of their cheap box of chocolates they buy you every year when they forget that it’s Feb. 14? Then ask them to take over all of your parenting duties for the day and call it a gift. You’re welcome. Enjoy your own chocolate favs as your SO tackles the potty training and laundry on their own.

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