Trends fluctuate, so maybe these baby names won’t be all that beloved in just a few years. But for now, millennials are choosing certain names for their babies that others might hear and wonder why they were chosen.

Here are 10 strange baby names that millennials love.


Motherly mentions Angel as a baby name that millennials are picking out. Can you imagine naming your baby Angel? This is typically a boy name rather than a girl name, but when you want to use such a different moniker, you can go with what feels right to you.

While Angel is definitely a beautiful word and reminds you of the Christmas season, it might not be what you want to pick out for your baby. But it’s a strange baby name that millennials love.

9. LUX

Name your baby boy Lux and you’ll be following in the footsteps of another trendy moniker that millennial moms and dads are choosing. says that this name is “after the Instagram filter” and if that’s not super millennial, well, what is? You might be feeling a bit torn about the name Lux. On the one hand, it does sound pretty cool. It’s not the worst name. On the other hand, though, it’s… a bit much. It sounds like “luxury” (now that would be a truly strange name…).


When you think about honey, you immediately think of sweet desserts. You picture adding honey to tea when you have a sore throat and you’re home sick, you want to drizzle honey on a piece of toast (maybe with some peanut butter on top…), and you just generally feel happy.

Do you want to name your baby girl Honey? It’s actually a name, even though it does belong in the food category as well. Fox News mentions Honey as a baby name that millennials might be into.


Parents of teenage boys (or anyone who knows a boy in that age range) are very familiar with the game Fortnite. It’s definitely become a big obsession. says that Rogue is a baby name that millennials are going with, and it’s because of Fortnite. While that might be surprising at first since it’s a bit strange to pick a name from a game (and it’s a very different kind of name), this is how trends go. Sometimes something is so popular that everyone gets swept up in it. Millennial moms and dads who want unique names won’t go wrong with Rogue, though.


Rainbows are happy and colorful, and if you’ve ever seen one before, you can’t believe how stunning and special it is. But naming your baby girl Rainbow? Well, you might not be so sure about doing that.

Travel and Leisure says that Rainbow is a baby name that is being picked by millennials. According to Nameberry, it’s a “hippie name.”


Bunny is another strange baby name that millennials love. It’s a little weird to think about naming your child Bunny. Their stuffed animal? Sure. Chances are, many of us had stuffed rabbits growing up that we literally named Bunny.

Travel and Leisure says Bunny is a millennial baby name because of Fortnite. According to Baby Center, it was number 1,807 in 2019… so even though millennials might love this baby name, it’s not the most popular one out there. Maybe that’s why people are picking it, though. The last thing that you want is to choose such a common name

4. IVY

According to, McCrindle (who look at popular baby names) says that “plants” and “nature” are the way that millennial moms and dads are picking baby names in 2019 in Australia. One of those names is Ivy. As the website says, “The report predicts, for example, that Jasmine, Olive, Ivy and Willow are set to surge in popularity in the next year.”

Ivy is a gorgeous name… but it’s tough not to admit that, okay, it is a little strange. It just had to be on this list of the strangest baby names that millennials are loving.


In December 2016, a BBC story noted that millennials like names like Jaxson. According to the website, “In America for example, an unusual spelling of Jaxson, an otherwise top-50 name, is becoming more prevalent.”

When you hear the name Jaxson, you might immediately think about the other spelling, Jackson. That doesn’t seem like the weirdest name, right? It’s interesting how just changing up the spelling can totally change the vibe of a name.


Motherly says that Crystal is a baby name that millennials are picking out. While this isn’t the absolute weirdest name that someone could choose, it’s fair to say that it’s not the most common one, either, so it totally belongs on this list of strange baby names that this generation loves.

Since Crystal sounds like, well, crystal, and it does have a 1980s feeling to it, it doesn’t feel like a baby name that is very contemporary.


Sienna is a beautiful baby girl name and not one that you hear regularly. What about Sierra? That’s probably a name that you hear… well… never.

This is another strange baby name that millennials love. According to Nameberry, the meaning behind this name is “saw” and in 2018, the name was number 452. While Sierra might be considered a strange name, there’s something very interesting and charming about it. It’s the kind of name that draws you in and makes you think, “That’s totally the name of my baby girl.”

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