Southern Minnesotans who thought the icy grasp of Old Man Winter would relent after the polar vortex can just say “ope.”

Weather forecasters are predicting another round or two of snow and blustery winds to start the shortest month of the year. The National Weather Service says gusty northwest winds up to 30 miles per hour are possible on Monday, with overnight wind chill values dipping as low as -18.

Tuesday afternoon could bring snow accumulations of up to four inches, while wind chills are expected to remain frigid. Another inch of snow is possible late Tuesday night, but it could get wet and sloppy, with freezing rain expected to mix in with the flakes.

Wednesday brings southern Minnesota the possibility of…you guessed it.  More snow!  Up to six inches of white stuff possible Wednesday through Thursday. Winds are expected to pick back up Thursday, with blustery gusts howling in from the northwest at around 30 miles per hour.

Friday will be cold, with temps hovering just below zero.

Saturday looks to be a recovery day, with 12 glorious degrees forecasted.  It should be a welcome respite from the cold and snow, and one that southern Minnesotans will want to take full advantage of before Sunday.  Why?  Because NWS says Sunday has a 60 percent chance of…must we say it?

It’s snow.